Job Opportunities

Position: Special Officer

Who are we searching for?

A Special Officer reporting to our Chief Executive Officer, M Satya Riayatsyah

Strategic Role

Key Responsibilities

• Provide all types of support as needed by the CEO in the various areas of his responsibilities.
• Coordinate tasks and projects with internal and external stakeholders the CEO deals with prepare talking points, speeches, presentations, correspondence, reports, proposals and other documents for the CEO, many of which will require research and the gathering of information from various sources.
• Meet with suitable parties on behalf of the CEO and accurately summarize the message for reporting back to the CEO.
• Attend internal and external meetings with the CEO and take confidential notes or minutes, noting matters that require actions.
• Handle all administrative and financial admin tasks for the CEO.
• Handle scheduling, coordinate and manage the CEO’s calendar to ensure effective use of his time.
• Manage travel and accommodation needs of the CEO.
• Manage special projects for the CEO and any other tasks as instructed.

Qualifications and Experience

• We welcome enthusiastic and confident fresh graduates in any field, preferably with internship experience at a suitable organization. Degree in Secretarial Field or equivalent is an advantage.
• Preferably Senior Executive specialized in Secretarial/Executive & Personal Assistant or equivalent.

Skills and Requirements

• Able to multi-task effectively and adapt quickly to the wide-ranging and diverse tasks that will be assigned.
• Resourceful, able to use own initiative to get the job done.
• Meticulous attention to detail when preparing and reviewing documents, especially when it comes to language and grammar.
• Able to work on cross-partisan basis and maintain confidentiality.
• Ability to work independently, have discretion, team-oriented and flexible.

Position :
Special Officer
Closing Date :
26 Feb 2021